About us

Helmut Mühl – A man, a name, two hands & 20.000 grapevines

Correctly the secret formula of Mühl’s wines is: 8 hands und four paws because the winery lives from the support of Helmuts wife Kornelia, their two children and French Bully “Leo”.

Together with Leo works full-time wine-grower Helmut in the steep vineyards about 2.4 hectare: Zeller Nußberg, Zeller Burglay-Felsen, Merler Stephansberg, Merler Fettgarten, Merler Königslay-Terrassen. In these locations ripen the grapes for our exquisite wines. Mainly the famous Moselle varietal “Riesling”, which finds best terroir here, but also “Rivaner”, “Kerner”, “Regent” and “Bacchus” varietals rise here perfectly. The steepness grants a maximum of sun and the high percentage of shale stone give unique requirements and an outstanding quality.

Mühl Wines contain a taste of minerally, fine-fruitly flavor combined with a slightly caressing tartness.

„Our ambition is, to grow close to nature regionally wines, which reflect our locations’, soils’ and varietal diversity.“

In our wine cellar the work continues by gentle procedures und “mellow hands”. With much finesse, sensitiveness and diligence does wine-grower Helmut his work. He creates his fabulous wines here:

“Ideals and hand’s work you will taste in every drop of wine!”