– Helmut Mühl

“To run a winery is not only a business but also a life-task for us. It takes a lot of idealism to live this way of life.”

Ideals, implemented in cellar and vineyards by Helmut Mühl. Working with grapes outdoor and in the cellar, from planting grape-vines to filling and marketing every step is done by the hands of full-blood wine-grower Helmut. Not for nothing sees Helmut his winery as manufactory, the wine-grower’s profession as craft:

“My business is quasi manufactural because all work is done by my own hands.”

Already in the age of 19 Helmut Mühl overtook the parental winery. From this moment on he had the task to build his solid and successful business and to earn himself a future.

With hard work, passion and fighting spirit he took his chance and enlarged and modernized his winery in the following years. Soon he was sure: There had to be a new building and his winery rose continually. More grape-vines, ever-expanding clientele.